Perceptual Neuroscience Laboratory

Robert Ennis

Robert Ennis

SUNY College of Optometry
Graduate Center for Vision Research
33 West 42nd Street
New York, NY 10036
Room 1545
Phone: +1 516 458-7390
Email: rje . at. sdf . org
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Dr. Qasim Zaidi & Dr. Barry Lee

Research Interests

Color & Shape Perception



Shapiro A, Lu Z-L, Huang C-B, Knight E, Ennis R (2010).
Transitions between central and peripheral vision create spatial/temporal distortions: A hypothesis concerning the perceived break of the curveball.
PLoS ONE 5(10): e13296.

Abstracts and Posters

Ennis, R., Lee, B.B., & Zaidi, Q. (2011).
Physiological signature of time-varying color after-images.
Presented at VSS 2011. Abstract will be released in the Journal of Vision, but a draft copy is available.

Ennis, R., & Zaidi, Q. (2010).
Cortical aftereffects of time-varying chromatic stimuli.
Journal of Vision, 10(7): 395.

Ennis, R., Lee, B.B., & Zaidi, Q. (2009).
The effects of eye movements on contrast detection.
Program No. 651.11. 2009 Neuroscience Meeting Planner. Chicago, IL: Society for Neuroscience, 2009. Online.